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Prevention & Fire Fighting on board of commercial aircraft

Fire and Smoke are seen as some of the most dangerous situations to occur on board of an aircraft. 

The measures for fire prevention are as numerous as thttpossible causes of fire.

Crew members complete training in fire prevention and fire fighting in regular intervals according to official regulations. If emergency situations occur on board, factors such as good training, good equipment and the correct behaviour of passengers can have a substantial influence on the outcome of a situation. Many incidents in aviation and the consistent, never tiring work of experts have lead to optimizing on board equipment, and technical specifications to offer a maximum of safety on board.
Even so, the potential causes of danger have multiplied. Nowadays experts are no longer just talking about the "secret smoker in the lavatory" as a potenital cause of fire and smoke.

  • What distinguishes the medium aircraft in the area of fire fighting from other mediums?
  • Do passengers react differently in case of fire on board in comparison to people in buildings?

This workshop gives experts in fire fighting and prevention the chance to give you background information about the topic "Fire and smoke on board an aircraft"and you will have the chance to learn practically how the correct behaviour of passengers can positively influence the outcome of the situation.


Contents of the workshops:



  • Equipment on board an aircraft for fire protection and fire fighting 
  • Fire and smoke: Presentation of accidents and incidents that have impacted aviation
  • The role of crew memebers in fire situations
  • Smoke: danger / hazards in a closed aircraft environment
  • Techniques for correct and fast evacuations in case of fire and smoke
  • Group dynamic aspects and their influence on evacuations, aswell as potential challenges because of impaired vision in a smoke filled environment


  • Evacuation training in cabin simulator
  • Practical training for the correct behaviour of passengers in smoke and fire situations
  • Training on orientation in a closed, smokefilled aircraft cabin.
  • Presentation of the crew fire trainer, which is used for crew members for training in fire fighting.

 Target group:

  • Anyone, who is interested in the topic fire & smoke in aircraft cabins.
  • Experts in fire protection (e.g.: Fire wardens, Fire safety engineers, Employees of the fire brigade).

Dates and prices 2020:


Dates for Workshops for groups of minimum 5 participants will be offered according request. Kindly send us an Email!

Time: 02.00 p.m. until 06.00 p.m.

Deadline for registration: 1 week before the respective course date

Price: EUR 130,00 per person

10% reduction for experts in fire protection (e.g.: Fire wardens, Fire safety engineers, Employees of the fire brigade)

Minimum number of participants: 10 persons

Maximum number of participants: 15 persons

Location: Vienna Aviation Campus/Vienna Airport

Language: German (English on request only)

Accompanied by: Flight Safety experts and Trainers

Trainers: 2



  • Minimum age: 18
  • Maximum age: /
  • Physically and mentally fit for the practical training
  • Unlimited physical mobility
  • No claustrophobia*
  • No fear of flying*


General Information:

  • Indoor training
  • No outdoor training so the event is independent of the weather
  • The fire container is heated, but we do suggest taking a winter coat anyway.
  • A part of the training will be inside a closed aircraft cabin*
  •  Waterbottles and chocolate will be available complimentary
  • Cold and warm drinks aswell as snacks are available from vending machines on site
  • This workshop is not a fear of flying workshop*


What do you need for the training?

  • Comfortable, sturdy clothing. An extra pair of socks since the practical training will be performed without shoes
  • Ladies with long hair are requested to bring a hairband along
  • A valid ID


How does registration work?

  •  Fill out the application form
  • Approx. two weeks prior to the event you will receive an email with the request for payment.
  • Payment of the fees can be done using our account information
  • You will receive a confirmation of payment and a bill via email.
  • Please note that your place in the workshop can only be confirmed after payment has been received!
  • If the payment has not been received 1 week prior to the event, we reserve the right to give your place to another person on the waiting list.

For further questions please contact us.

Workshops for closed groups can be organized seperately for arranged dates, even on weekends!

A liability waiver will be given to participants before training for signing. If you would like to see this waiver beforehand please click here!

For a detailed way description to the trainings facilities please click here!

ASN reserves the copyright for the design and contents of these workshops!

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