A fun-filled afternoon all about flying …

Flying ABC's for children who love to fly or want to know more about flying.

An informative afternoon for parents who desire to know more about safe and healthy flying with children. While children that participate in this workshop are busy getting to know an aircraft using fun and practical games specifically designed for children, parents are given the opportunity to ask questions related to topics such as "Children's health on board an aircraft" and "Safe flying with children". It often happens that children get ill before, or in the worst case, during their holidays and parents have to face the question of how safe it is now to travel on an aircraft:

  • May my child fly with a cold?

  • What should I do if my child has sunstroke and we have a confirmed reservation for the return flight?

  • What medication is available on board of an aircraft?

  • Is their medical care available on board?

  • Does pressure equalization work in children as it does in adults?

  • May I take my child's car seat along?

  • Does my infant have a separate seat?

  • What do I have to consider when flying from A to B with my infant/child?

  • What type of toys are recommended for long flights?

  • May I fly during my pregnancy?

These are just a few of the questions that parents ask during this worshop. We want to offer the opportunity to have all of the parent's questions answered in this workshop. While the parents are dealing with the topic "Safe flying with children" their children will have an unforgettable afternoon of fun and games with us. A trasure hunt in combination with lots of fun and action will guarantee that time will fly for your children - as soon as all the parent's questions have been answered to their satisfaction, a flight will be performed in our cabin simulator with both parents and children participating. There your child will show you what it has learned about flying and aircraft already.


Planned take-off time:

Next Workshops dates 2019: On request of the customer. Kindly contact us via email!


Vienna Airport/Technical base – for a detailed way description to the trainings facilities please click here!


1 p.m. to 5 p.m.


Family Price: EUR 65,-- (40,-- for adult, 25,-- for child)

Price for every additional child in the family: 25,--

For inquiries please click here!

Registration Form


  • Min. age of the child: 6 years (recommended max. age 12 years)
  • Children may only participate if accompanied by an adult
  • Physical and mental health is required to participate in the practical training
  • No claustrophoebia *
  • No fear of flying

 What do you need for yourself and your child for this training:

  • Comfortable clothing and an extra pair of socks, since the practical training will be performed barefoot
  • For each adult: a valid picture ID for access at the main entrance of the facilities

General information:

  • Indoor training
  • No outdoor activities
  • * Parts of the training will be performed inside a close environment (aircraft cabin)
  • he contents of this workshop were developed in cooperation with social educatoion specialists
  • This workshop is not a "Fear of flying" seminar
  • Minimum number of participants for the workshop to be started (in total): 10 Persons (including children)

If you have further questions about this event please contact us!

We are looking forward to your registration.

All recipients of the "NÖ Bonusheft", that are in posession of a discount voucher, are requested to bring this voucher to the event.

ASN reserves the copyright for design and contents of this workshop.


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