Workshop "Flying without barriers"

People with special needs require assistance as much as possible when traveling.

A relaxed traveling atmosphere is possible when new surroundings can be made more familiar and barriers can be removed. In our workshop „Flying without barriers" we offer passengers the opportunity to become more familiar with the environment of an aircraft and to receive answers to their open questions.

The safety of and in the aircraft is our primary concern:

  • For the blind and for people with impaired eyesight we offer the opportunity to touch and feel objects and surroundings in the aircraft.
  • People with physical handicaps are able to become familiar with aircraft in such a way, that traveling from A to B is as comfortable as possible without being a stumbling block for them.

In cooperation with crew members and social education workers we are pleased to offer this workshop from November 2007 onwards!

Program and general information about the event:


Workshops 2020:


- 26.04.2020 ( Status: Bookable)

- 27.09.2020 ( Status: Bookable)



Barbara Letuha, Barbara Pencik

Target group:

The blind and people with impaired vision


02.00 pm - 07.00 pm

Course location:

Vienna airport/Austrian maintenance base


German (English on request)


EUR 60,--* per person

Reduced cost per accompanying person: EUR 60,--* (regular price 73,-- Euro)

Costs are excl. transport from/to the airport/location.

Accompanied by:

Aviation Safety Experts, Social Education Experts


Min. 2 (depending on the size of the group)

Registration ends:

1 week prior to the event 

Min. amount of participants:

Total: 6 Participants

Max. amount of participants:

8 Participants (excl. accompanying persons)

Max. amount of accompanying dogs per event: 4


For registration please click here


  • Getting to know the surroundings outside and inside the aircraft
  • Experiencing, feeling and touching safety relevant features on board an aircraft
  • Practical training of seatbelts, oxygen masks and lifevests
  • Assistance in finding your way around an aircraft
  • Assistance in finding the nearest emergency exit in case of an emergency
  • Touching and using the escape slides
  • Rescuing persons in an emergency
  • Guide dogs: Handling on board/during the flight
  • Behaviour in case of an emergency aswell as possible evacuation scenarios with a guide dog (for the severely visually impaired), with signalling dogs (for acoustically impaired and deaf persons) and service dogs (for the physically handicapped)

Further details will be sent to you via mail one week prior to the event! 

For this event a limited amount of accompanying persons is required per group! We ask for your understanding that the amount of spaces available is limited to facilitate the special needs of the individuals attending.

We will gladly keep you on record for the next training if the requested training has reached its maximum participants!

This event is being offered in cooperation with:


The ASN Team looks forward to your coming!

Requirements for participants:

  • Min. age: 18 years
  • Voluntary participation in practical training
  • No fear of tight spaces (A vast majority of the exercises will be performed in a simulated aircraft cabin)
  • No fear of flying

 Requirements for accompanying persons:

  • Min. age: 18 Years
  • Willing to assist participants in the course of this event
  • Assistance for the trainers (e.g. taking participants to the break rooms and rest areas, etc.)
  • Voluntary participation in practical training
  • No fear of tight spaces (A vast majority of the exercises will be performed in a simulated aircraft cabin)
  • No fear of flying

 Requirements for accompanying dogs:

  • Minimum age: 1 year old
  • Housetrained
  • Your owner needs to take care of your physical needs during the event (Water, bowl and towel for drying and wiping paws at the beginning of the training)
  • Please come with a harness and lead

What do you need for the tranining:

  • Comfortable clothing aswell as a pair of thick socks as the practical training will be performed without shoes
  • A valid photo I.D. to be able to enter the premises at the training center

General information:

  • The exercises will be performed inside only
  • This event is not a  fear of  flight seminar!  For information about the workshop " The joy of flying " please click here!

For a detailed way description to the trainings facilities please click here! It takes approximately 10 min. from the Vienna Airport to the course location by car. Should you not have a means of transportation, then please make a respective remark in the contact email! There is the possibility for us to organize a taxi from the airport to the course location for an extra charge!

For further questions please contact us!

Workshops for closed groups can be held according to individual scheduling!

Prior to the training participants are required to read and sign a liability waiver! Should you like to see a preview of this waiver please click here!

Should you prefer to register via phone, we look forward to your call: +43 (0) 699/110 18 449 (Barbara Pencik/Managing director).

For inquiries please use our contact form!

ASN reserves the copyright for design and contents of this workshop.

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