Workshops for Cabin Crew Members

Taking care of passengers

The passenger, an important ressource for safe flying.

This workshop offers unique insight into the passenger’s perspective for crew members.

Our work in the area of “Flight Safety for Passengers” has shown us, that passengers can be an important component for flight safety. 

As most training modules are specifically focussed on crew members, the use of the passenger as a resource for avoiding in-flight incidents or in significantly influencing the outcome of an incident is often neglected. 

This workshop is an opportunity to motivate your crew and intensify your crew member’s training.

Verbal de-escalation in conflict situations

Verbal de-escalation is the most important component in dealing with conflict situations on board.

Stressfactors related to our environment (e.g. tight space, noise, vibrations, etc.) may influence our actions in conflict and create interaction with the communication partner. 

Awareness and training in these factors in an environment that is as close to reality as possible, gives crew members the opportunity to develop customer oriented and competent appearance and makes the crew member more trustworthy.


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