The company ASN

Above the Clouds Safety and Security must be Unlimited

The company ASN-Aircraft Safety Network was launched at the beginning of the year 2005.

All instructors that are utilized by ASN are experts in the safety sector – have additional training as fire wardens, flight accident analysis and were/are active in the most part for renowned airlines.

Cooperation with security experts, pilots, aircraft technicians and doctors is arranged for specialized topics (security, technical and maintenance aspects, first aid).

The fact that for the most part the instructors are/were active as crew members creates a bonus in the cooperation with crew and passengers, as the training can be performed on a very true to life basis. Our motto “Safety must be boundless above the clouds“, is the basis for our dedicated work in the airline industry.

The primary goals of ASN are based on two levels:

1. The safety training of Cabin Attendants and Pilots

In general aviation: This is the part of air traffic that is performed on the basis of private customers and not regular airline industry. The training incorporates normal flight procedures as well as safety relevant situations that deviate from the normal flight routine. The training cycles in this area result from official requirements respectively the interest of the airlines in basic and more extensive education.

2. The training of passengers pertaining to their interaction with crew members

When ASN was founded it was clear that one area of safety had largely been overlooked in Austria and many other European countries: the training of passengers.

Mostly, passengers fly from A to B and after the safety demonstration on board the topic of Flight Safety is no longer considered. But as with safety in automobiles or at home I am personally a large contributing factor for my own safety.

When traveling on an aircraft, safety begins while packing the suitcase, continues with picking the right clothes and leads all the way to information pertaining to the aircraft that can help in being more at ease and prepared while traveling. ASN’s goal is to focus on giving passengers an understanding of the topic of flight safety by the following means: 

Workshop „Secrets of the airline industry“

How much can a passenger contribute to have a safe flight? By giving the passengers a look behind the scenes of airline safety training their interest is awakened. Practical trainings in the cabin simulator give the passengers the possibility to be active themselves, ask questions and receive explanations about turbulence which, in this case, can be switched off by the push of a button.

Workshop „Flying without barriers“

Our cooperation with the organization for the blind and for persons with impaired eyesight, as well as the organization for invalids, creates the possibility to expand our horizon in the area of flight safety substantially. Flight safety for people with special needs requires dedication and commitment on both sides. On the side of the passenger and the crew members. We are pleased to have taken another significant step towards removing barriers in this area!

Survival training for airline passengers and crew

A special type of training will commence taking on the form of survival training in the Seckauer Alps. It is the first training of this type that will take place with airline passengers and crew that should give interesting insight into behavioural patterns and group dynamic aspects in stressful situations. Both groups shall benefit from their experiences by means of a special debriefing in cooperation with experts in this area.

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Above the clouds safety and security must bes unlimited.