Wet Ditching & Water Survival Training

General information

Type of Course:

- Theory, Wet Ditching & Water Survival Training for Crew Members (Pilots and Cabin Crew)  without previous knowledge (Initial Training) accroding EASA regulations

- Customers with the need to train individual crewmembers and/or very small groups of maximum 4 participants.

- Customers wtih the need to train groups of 5 up to 25 participants.

- Training with the option to book single course places.


Location: Vienna Airport/Aviation Campus

Duration of Training: 6 hours (exclusive lunch break)


Single course places: Up to 5 participants: EUR 350,--/per participant booked (excl.VAT)

Closed group:

From 6 up to 12 participants: Flat rate: EUR 1950,00 (excl.VAT)

From 13 up to 25 participants: Flat rate: EUR 2500,00 (excl. VAT)

Status: bookable

Registration: Please use the registration form

Deadline for registration: One week before respective course date 


Course Contents based on EASA regulations

Ditching: Emergency procedure training, containing:

  • Bracing orders & bracing positions
  • G-load factors and their effects on occupants: Crew & Passenger incapacitation
  • Ditching evacuation procedures
  • General and aircraft specific ditching procedures
  • Ditching accident/incident occurrence review


Wet Ditching and Water Survival Training:

  • Actual donning and use of single & double strap life vests
  • Actual donning and use of infant and child life vests
  • Actual donning and use of life rafts
  • Actual use of evacuation slides as flotation devices
  • Actual practice of the respective equipment devices in water
  • Use of signalling devices (Skyblazer, Day & Night Flares, ELTs)
  • Contents of the survival kit
  • Crowd control aspects
  • Communication aspects in case of emergency situations


*Costs excl VAT, excl. transport from/to the swimming pool


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